Thru God’s Eyes I Begin To Be Wise (B&W Version)

By Yolanda Johnson


October 22, 1988: “Do not let God bring you home in a box or place you in the hospital”. These words spoken by my mother started to flood my mind. The previous year I had run away. I was heavily under the influence of drugs and alcohol. My eyes were bloodshot red and glossy. In the cold night, I begin walking towards the car. The Lord enabled me to see a bullet pass the side of my face; then another ricochet on the top of the car and hit me in the left side of my neck.


About the author:

Yolanda Johnson is an Author that has been chosen by God before she was born. She is a faithful mother of five children and also the loving wife to Minister Donnie Johnson. Also, Yolanda accomplished a degree in Business. God has impressed a vision on her heart to open up a nonprofit organization called, “Rechanging Lives”. This establishment caters to disadvantaged youth that need a second chance in life and look for ways to achieve a better future. Most of all, they will be encouraged to love the Lord with all their hearts (Mark 12: 30).

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