This is His House and these are His Rules

By Nicholas M. Cuono Sr.


This book is a type of religious history book. The first few chapters are related to the world’s evolution and exactness to what is written in the Bible about creation. The next several chapters are related to several key men of the Bible such as Abram, Noah and Moses. The next several chapters are His “rules.” I then cover the seven deadly sins and go on to introduce graces and the need for these special gifts. Next there are several chapters about Jesus…the who, the what and the why. The next chapters are about the most famous men of the time of Christ. The final several chapters are briefs on what led to the changing of mankind’s thinking related to the once pure religion of Christianity.

Author bio:

Nick, as most call him, is just a normal guy who’s trying his best to find his way home. You would never be able to pick him out of the crowd. He’s a sinner, he’s judgmental, and he’s a man craving for all the pleasures of this physical life. He works a normal job but does try his best daily to do the things that are righteous and pleasing to the Lord. He is in his late fifties and has spent the past twenty-five years or so fulfilling his personal mission: write this book, because to those who were given more, more is expected. The Lord does work in mysterious ways, and so He did with Nicholas M. Cuono Sr.

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