Think Back to Move Forward

By Maureen Foster


My desire to see us put kindness and compassion back in the atmosphere in view of the fact that we all have to be here; strive for a better future and to positively touch the lives of those around us. To utilize our talents for God’s glory and to honestly, spiritually and compassionately embrace the fullness of life.

We can help brighten each other’s way through encouragement and commitment because a sad heart travels a dim path. Each person matters in this complex puzzle called life, as we recognize that a single drop of rain may seem insignificant but collectively can create a pond. Let us work together to lighten each other’s burdens as no one exist solely; how pleasing it is to know that someone cares. Romans 14:19 “Let us therefore make every effort to do what leads to peace and to mutual edification.”

About the author:

Maureen Foster is a native of Jamaica and presently lives in Atlanta, Georgia. She received her professional education in Business Management with a minor in Human Services; she loves to share her daily quotes, talk and write. This is Maureen’s first book and she gives God thanks and praise for the opportunity to see her dream come to fruition.

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