The Window: A Visual Survey in 60 Cities

By Peter J. Lagomarsino


In this Third book, The Window, A Visual Survey, shows us how windows mirror the human condition, they are the eyes to the souls of architecture and play a critical role in the history of built form. It takes us to sixty cities to showcase the great diversity of window styles, type’s shapes, shadows, forms and the buildings they enhance. These are not just double hung windows, but urban form abstractions of shapes of texture and angles that allude to the beauty within architecture. Mostly about reflection and refraction of light and the poetics of form, this follow-on survey to the Fire Escape gives us a glimpse of how the window dramatically affects a buildings mood that it presents to us and how they also mirror the political development of American, or any culture’s contemporary society. Analogies in word mixed with abstract color, reflection and shadows illuminate the great American experiment and how the leaders of our= country are using architecture to purvey a philosophy that is their way of life. The Window gives us imagery with historic developments in the facades of both simple and complex pieces of architecture. These windows may surprise you to see their powerful emotions within.

About the Author:
Peter Lagomarsino is a Senior Architect that has practiced Architecture for over twenty six years. He’s the author of “Confessions in a Crown Vic. A Critique of the American ‘Dream’ 2nd Edition” and the story of what really happened in development this last century. His second book, The Fire Escape. A Visual Survey. 2nd Edition, (in 25 cities), will be the topic of a seminar at the 2019 AIA Convention on Architecture in Las Vegas Nevada discussing the fire escape and egress. He is an avid photographer of architecture with over thirty six years been behind the camera. He also paints acrylic on canvas for art sales and commissioned work. He has Bachelors of Arts in Architecture from the University of New Mexico, a Masters of Architecture from Clemson University. Part of his Masters, was at the Charles E. Daniels Center for Urban Design at Clemson’s Villa in Genoa Italy where he traveled extensively in Europe, Greece, the Middle East as well as more recently in Central and South America. He is a Subject Matter Expert in life safety, egress and hazardous materials code analysis.

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