The Transformation of Benjamin Wilson

By Rick Roberts


Ben Wilson is a man on the run. Running from his crime and running from himself. His life is a hopeless trainwreck. But Ben is given a second chance and is ultimately transformed into something he never thought possible.

About the author:

Rick Roberts is a missionary with the Assemblies of God. He gave his life to Jesus Christ in 1973. After making music his god for many years, Jesus delivered him from a self-centered life and put him into His service. Rick met and married his wife, Patti, in 1974 and together they have served God in inner city ministry, 17 years of pastoring, 6 years as missionaries to Albania, 9 years as missionary pastors to Albanian immigrants in Philadelphia, PA, and currently serve as Intercultural Missionaries in Lafayette, LA. Rick is a singer songwriter and author. Rick and Patti have two children and six beautiful grandchildren.

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