The Stripper, The Drug Dealer & The Bishop

By Lydia Davis


Monstrous relationships. Distorted realities. Misguided journeys.

The Stripper:
At the age of twenty-seven, I thought I found my Prince Charming. But I was wrong. He turned out to be a child molester who raped my nine-year-old baby girl. Is it too late to make things right for me and my daughter?

The Drug Dealer:
Money is never a problem. I thought life is going to be easy, until someone walks in and puts a bullet into our worker’s head. He’s dead and I feel guilty. Will I suffer the same fate? Or can I still change my destiny?

The Bishop:
I’ve never felt closer to God. I’m on my way to heaven—or so I thought. I didn’t realize I was about to walk through a living hell. Can I still retrace my steps before I become the devil myself?

Three true cautionary tales that show how dangerous it can be if you’re not careful with how you live your life. If you were the author, do you think you could make the right choices to the questions imposed?

This book gives voice to the voiceless and will show how only God can deliver you out of any situation because he is the author and finisher of our faith.

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