The Rabbit King: Kingdom Leporidae

By Jim McEnroe


The Rabbit King: Kingdom Leporidae begins with Hare, an orphan hare, alone and on his own. Hare sees “hope in a kingdom, high upon a hill,” and hops the distance to begin a new life . . . where he gains the admiration, respect, and trust of the king. The king adopts the orphan hare, making him a prince and heir to the throne. . . .

A delightful, inspirational, and timeless story that will appeal to all readers, regardless of their age. Children and adults will enjoy the detailed and colorful illustrations, while learning from the
positive theme and carefully chosen rhyming text.

About the Author:

Jim McEnroe is an author of educational stories and other literature.
He developed his style of writing stories in rhyme during the mid 1980’s. His fi rst book, The Rabbit King: Kingdom Leporidae, was published in 2011. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Metropolitan State University. Jim was born on St. Patrick’s Day, 1959, in St. Paul, MN.

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