The Promise of Sunrise

By Melinda Heald


Paige Fitzhugh has spent her life trying to please everyone, especially her family. Now that it is time for her to marry, it is to a man she does not love and who does not love her. She does, however, become enamored with a man who is building new places in the estate for parties and recreation. This is disturbing to her sister, Maudene who is waiting for Paige to marry Findley Worthington 111, so she can then marry her own fiancé, Curtis.

As the days grow closer to the wedding, Paige has finagled her way into meeting Tyler Alden and without meaning to, has divulged the drudgery of the wealthy life she no longer wants a part of, the oddness of Findley, and how much she desires the life that poet, Geoffrey Stoner, describes in his writings. Tyler has his own desires, which especially include revenge on James Fitzhugh, Paige’s father. So a marriage is accomplished against everyone’s wishes and only for convenience for Tyler and Paige.

The marriage, though satisfactory at times, is filled with loneliness, distrust, betrayal, and doubt for paths taken. I am hopeful that finding a novel in this time frame is more than interesting and worthy of your time and effort. This is an era of economic crisis and world upheaval for rich and poor alike. The defining of who certain characters are revealed to be will hopefully surprise and delight you.

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