The Making of a Man of Faith

By Dale Heil


This book contains a study of the life of Abraham, whom the New Testament declares to be the father of faith. New Testament believers are also said to have the faith of Abraham. However, when scripture first introduces us to Abraham, he is not a man of great man faith. A careful study reveals how God worked in his life to make him into the great man of faith he became. This is very relevant as God works in every person’s life in much the same way; we just need to recognize it. Even though every person’s life is different, God’s proven methods work the same.

Dale Heil, the author of this book, has spent over thirty years diligently studying God’s Word. He spent several years in prison where he came to know the Lord, and developed a great love for God’s Word. His ministry started by teaching bible studies to other inmates, and has flourished from there. He eventually felt led by God’s Spirit to write down all that God has been teaching him over the years. This book is one of several that he has written as a result.

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