The Lord Will Suddenly Come

By Minister David Harnarayan


For ages mankind has pondered and tried to define. . G o d.., to experience His Presence, with avoiding fear and judgment, or the need for deliverance and salvation. So the worship and ceremony were persued, but encountering.

God, was complicated, and the 2000 years since God in Jesus Christ, The Year of The Lord . . A . D …., religion has reached great extremes and results. Yet still, the visitation through personal prayer, Church Service, or need for… deliverance, still does not provide. . . calling on The God, in Jesus The Christ, and that He will “suddenly come”. How amazingly great, that someone would just. . call out for Him and He would… suddenly come to that one!

Not for need of desperation or critical situation, but simply to desire The Presence of God, for awesome relation, because of who He is, not what He can do, and…” paow pow “ . . He suddenly comes to you! Wow. God promised to do it . . .. . so do you want it? Then come, enter in . . and be amazed, out of this World experience.

About the Author:

The Author is the owner of Creation Architectural Consultants from the twin isle republic of Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean. Having lived in various places and conditions, David has become an Apostle and leads Rebirth Freedom In Christ Ministries to establish The Kingdom of God in
Christ Jesus. The Abiding Presence Habitation, is explored, bringing reality and completion to religious issues through relationship issues.
Now author of

Book 1, The Truth Shall Make You Free
Book 2, Who Do People Say That You Are
Book 3, Where Art Thou
Book 4, The Fruit of The Vine
Book 5, If I am Lifted Up
Book 6, Of Lions and Of Lambs
Book 7, The Lord Will Suddenly Come

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