The Legend of the Spanish Moss

By Sara Lennon


When a young Native American maiden, who prides herself in being more special than the other children in her village, loses her pride and joy to the branches of the Cyrus trees, she realizes that the “old common crow” is far wiser than she had given him credit for. When the maiden flees into the swamp where danger lurks she becomes confronted with the crow’s warning, “Never burn your bridges for you never know who you will need”, and quickly discovers that hurting feelings and shunning others does nothing but bring hurt and discomfort to oneself.

Author Bio:

Sara Galloway Lennon Ed.D., is presently serving as a school guidance counselor for the public schools of Robeson County, North Carolina. Dr. Lennon has a passion and enthusiasm for working with young children from high poverty and diversified backgrounds. Dr. Lennon has based her studies on the effects of poverty on students and is now considered an expert in this field. Dr. Lennon grew up on the shore of beautiful Lake Waccamaw, while being exposed to the Native American culture and the value of hard farm life, which led her to share the values of folklore and old proverbs. Dr. Lennon finds the art of storytelling in the old folklore style engages children’s imagination to the mysteries of life and its valuable lessons.

Dewey Andrew Scott (Bo) is a master craftsman and artist. Mr. Scott has studied his skills from a very young age under the direction of his father. Mr. Scott grew up along the banks of the Lumbee River where he gathers much of his inspiration for his craft. Mr. Scott has great respect and admiration for the beauty and natural setting of the Lumbee River. Mr. Scott is the father of three beautiful daughters.

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