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The Incunabulum Part Two : Maledictions

By Steven Christopher


Nathanael Christian lives in a house bordering a neglected old cemetery.  Nathan frequently resorts to this graveyard if only to escape from the abuse of the aunt with whom he lives. But during one of his rambles among its tombstones, he encounters, inside a mausoleum, a strange girl named Phebe.

After discovering to Nathan that she’s a vampire, Phebe reveals that there’s an incantation, in an ancient book, which can undo her curse. Told that he must willingly offer Phebe some of his blood for this spell to work, Nathan agrees to help her seek and obtain this fabled incunabulum.


About the author:

The Author presently resides in Mastic Beach, New York. Aside from having written the tetralogy of horror novels “The Incunabulum” parts 1, 2, 3 and 4, he is the author of three feature film screenplays.  He is currently at work on a 4-part heroic fantasy epic titled “The Ninth Hoard”; and aside from writing novels, short stories and movie scripts enjoys illustrating in pencil and ink.

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