The Hermit and the Time Machine by Richard J. Ward
The Hermit and the Time MachineThe Hermit and the Time Machine

The Hermit and the Time Machine

By Richard J. Ward


Try to imagine the future…without humans.

Well, that is what Jade and Gilbert have seen as they traveled to the future world inhabited by robots.

What do you think will happen to the world? Or better yet, what do you think will happen to Jade and Gilbert as they travel through time?

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Gilbert and Jade, despite their differences, are the very best of friends. Gilbert is serious and aloof and fancies himself to be the world's greatest scientist one day. Jade, on the other hand, is imaginative, loves to daydream and is naturally caring, but won't stand for any nonsense.

Gilbert would never admit it, but Jade is the one that really wears the trousers. Here, the pair meets the eccentric Professor Boson who inadvertently takes them to a future world where the only people are robots. The friends also get an interesting lesson in recycling…


  • “Richard Ward is the ultimate storyteller. I could put my kids to bed in no time after reading the adventures of Jade and Gilbert.  I definitely recommended this book to all the mothers I know.”

    Sarah Anderson

  • “I would love to go on an adventure with Jade and Gilbert. This is the second book I’ve read from Ward and I’m enjoying all of them. My younger brothers and sisters are enjoying it too. Great job, Ward.”

    James Davis

About the Author

Richard Ward was born in a small Yorkshire town where he spent his first 40 years. Finding inspiration from rides out in the country, he wrote far-flung stories and painted pictures. He bought a house in Bulgaria, grew fruit and vegetables in the garden, and thrived in a gorgeous landscape and on the warmth and friendliness of the local people. He now lives in Colorado where the mountains still fill him with awe, and the almost constant sunshine continues to lift his spirit.