The Healer

By Robin Anderson


Coming to terms with the worse possible circumstances of life is a slow, painful and terrifying process.
A woman is viscously beaten and left for dead. Waking up in a hospital a year later, she has to navigate through her fears, confusion and uncertainty of the future.
She is reunited with her children and bullied into using new abilities to find and help heal victims of human depravities by members of a secret international law enforcement unit.
The victims she and her counterpart locate are rescued but not all have their happy endings. Life is not always fair.

Author Bio

Robin Anderson was born in Albany, NY, served in the US Army for five years as a calibration specialist, and worked with a major tax preparation organization for sixteen years. Robin and her husband, along with one of their 8 grandchildren now live in NC on a small hobby farm. They have five children now grown and scattered. She works now as a volunteer and is active in her church. The Healer is the second in a series that started with The Ripple Effect.

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