The Federal Turnaround Model: Is There A Difference When The Principal Of A School Is Changed?

By Glenn Watkins


This study compiled original principal data versus turnaround principal data for three Louisiana Recovery school systems over three academic years (2006–2007, 2008– 2009, and 2010–2011). Academic achievement data was also compiled and analyzed for the same school systems over three academic years (2007, 2008–2009, and 2010 -2011). Data for the LHSGT focused on the four core content areas (Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and English), whereas the LHSWT focused on assessing students’ abilities to demonstrate competency in persuasive writing. Although the District B School System had the lowest percentage of principals with advanced degrees, students in District B schools consistently performed better academically than students in the District A schools. Data was presented in time series charts to reflect changes in the passing rates.

Statistical analysis was used to show the relationship that may exist between the original principal test scores and turnaround principal test scores measuring students’ achievement on the math, social studies, science, and English/Language Arts Louisiana High School Graduation Test.

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