The Edge of the Field

By Austine Royer-Smith


The Edge Of The Field is based on my personal experiences of “gleaning and gathering after the Reapers and Gleaners at the edge of the Field”.

The Harvest is great and enormous. Not only is there a need for “Ruths” to glean and gather after the Reapers and Gleaners in the Fields, there are times that we are called on immediately and urgently for a specific purpose that needs attention right then.

About the author:

Austine Royer Smith is a mother, grandmother, great grandmother, homemaker and member of the First Baptist Church of Garden City, Georgia and serves her Lord by fulfilling speaking engagements in churches, civic organizations and broadcast programs. She has a three-year Diploma from Rhema Bible Training Correspondence Center of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The author is Founder of Ruth 2:7/Founding House Ministries established upon a vision given to her by God during her mission trips to Haiti. The purpose of these ministries is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to provide a shelter as well as secular and religious instruction for many of the homeless Haitian children found abandoned in the streets and jungles of that impoverished, voodoo-infested nation. Statistics have shown that only about half of such children will survive.

All proceeds from this book will go to the
Ruth 2:7/Founding House Ministry
P.O. Box 18114, Garden City, GA 31418.

Austine is also a Trustee of the Zechariah House Ministries that is involved with the Salvation, Health and Prosperity of street addicted women and women who are in jail. This ministry offers Salvation, Deliverance and Bible Training to get these women back into society victoriously.

For further information on these Ministries, for speaking engagements or for ordering additional copies of this book and of Mrs. Smith’s other titles. Haiti is Waiting, If that isn’t Love, The Edge of the Field, Present Bouquets, Boci’s New Shoes, Grandma Waves with her Heart. Please write to the author at the above address.

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