The Coming Merger of Science and Religion

By Gerald L.


This book came about because of a spiritual word of knowledge given to the author by a man of God, while on a tour to Israel. It attempts to explain mysteries of the universe and show how the author agrees with the latest endeavor by one of the leading cosmologists Stephen Hawkins, to theorize the universe. But it also shows how God fits into it, delving into the controversial subject of Evolution and explaining new insights that perhaps were never realized before.

About the author:

Gerald Vano is a retired electronic engineer. For more then 50 years he has been involved in the study of science and its relationship to the spiritual aspect of things. In 1982 he went to Israel and Egypt with a church group and while in Egypt at a hotel next to the Pyramids the group had a prayer meeting and the Holy Spirit spoke through the Evangelist of the group to Gerald spiritual words of knowledge to him that only he could know. The event was a life hanging experience for Gerald and set him on a new path in life.

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