The Collected Works of Alfred B. Porter: Volume I: These are the stories you wished your parents and grandparents read to you.

By Alfred B. Porter


The Lady Liberty Mystery

Great book that really fills you with hope about how the future can go. And I think at this particular point in time in the US and around the world, we all need something to give us hope in a better future for humanity.

The Lady Liberty Mystery is an interesting read. It is very fast paced story revolving around the statue of liberty. I love how this book combines elements of politics and metaphysics/spirituality into a really unique and creative story.

Alfred Porter in this book shows we can create a better world in the spirit of love and togetherness as demonstrated by the major characters in the book.

About the author:

Alfred B. Porter is a Los Angeles-based professor, former journalist, author, public speaker, seminar leader and personal growth coach. He brings a wealth of cultural experiences and intellectual pursuits to his primary discipline as an instructor at more than a dozen colleges and universities. For over the past 25 years, he has touched people across the globe. He is a man so enchanted by life. He has held faculty positions at the likes of UCLA, Pepperdine University, the University of Puerto Rico, Northrop University and several colleges of the Los Angeles City College District.

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