The Clock

By Mariam Devine Melkonian


The Clock tells the story of twin brother and sister, Stella and Stephan. Very beautiful, kind and intelligent, they live on the edge of a big city. From when they were small children they could never wake up on time. Their parents tried hard to help them, but nothing ever worked.

Reluctantly, Stella and Stephan leave school and stay home. They wake up at 2 p.m. and have a meal at 3 p.m. Stella cleans and cooks while her brother does outdoor work. They are hardworking kids.

One day the twins decide to get a job. But no one helps them. Finally, from the next village, one nice man gives them a job. Martin, their boss, is happy with them. But they are not happy. One beautiful day, Stella meets an old woman. She shows her respect to the woman when the woman asks for a cup of water. The woman offers to help them find the happiness they long for.

A magical Prince and Princess appear in the twins’ lives and lead them towards an awareness of time and its role in their quest for happiness. The love of Martin and the twins for the Prince and Princess makes them come alive again.

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