The Chosen Path: Based on the Life of Elizabeth Van Lew

By Donald Paul Wyman, Ph.D.


This is the true story of an unsung American hero who put her desire for the preservation of the Union, and the ending of slavery before her very own life. When supporting the breakaway Confederacy was the proper thing to do in Richmond in 1861, she chose to support the North. Her genuine humanitarian efforts on behalf of the Union prisoners lead to her gaining military information from them that she securely passed on continuously to Washington. She is rated one of the best Spymasters of all time and is in the Military Intelligence Hall of Fame.

(She is America’s second Spymaster, George Washington was the first)

Author Bio

Born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Dr. Wyman is a veteran of the US Army and a retiree with 22 years with the Central Intelligence Agency. He has served 4 years in the Middle East and traveled extensively domestically and worldwide. He is an author, artist, athlete, public speaker, creator of over 100 historical PowerPoint presentations, a watercolor portrait painter, professional Ballroom Dance Instructor and a 10-year Board Member of the Sons of the American Revolution. Dr. Donald Paul Wyman, BS, MA Ph.D.

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