The Challenge

By ML Armstrong


The Challenge is a contest about being self- sufficient and living off the land for five years. The cast of characters come together in many unsuspecting ways. This is a journey that takes many twists and turns on its way to a competition winner and surprising destination. The competition is a story based on true grit and living a life from days gone by in a modern world. Everyday brings a new twist to an ever changing and exciting plot. In the Challenge you never know what will happen next and something always does!

About the Author:

Over the years my friends have tried to talk me into writing down some of my adventures that I always considered to be my dull and boring life. Once I retired I was out of excuses not to write so I really hope that you will all enjoy my story and future stories. Also for all of my many friends who have been both willing and unwilling participants of my life, I changed your names to protect your innocence. Thank you so much for being my friends. Please enjoy my book.

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