Chidi Asika Enahoro - The Cancer Game

The Cancer Game : Reflections on the Mystery Journey

By Chidi Asika Enahoro


“You have Cancer”

Cancer is the most dreaded diagnosis currently ringing true in every hospital around the world. Too many people (young and old), are helplessly succumbing to cancer at an alarming rate.


The Cancer Game is a fascinating in-depth peek at what it feels like to be diagnosed with a deadly disease like cancer. It explores simple uplifting techniques victims can utilize to cope with the inevitable fear and complications associated with this new health epidemic. 

Chidi has gone through this deadly disease 3 times, yet she is upbeat about life. She knows an amazing amount about utilizing a variety of healing modalities and has experienced what it’s like to be on the brink of death but come back fully to life through the miraculous grace of God. Discover new dimensions of a miraculous journey through Chidi’s unconventional treatment escapades in Africa and beyond.

The Cancer Game attempts to provide alternatives by succinctly delving into established norms. Chidi utilized a wealth of pragmatic information from a variety of tested and tried tips. She uncovered and realistically presented well arranged basic concepts of what every victim of this disease needs to consider in order to survive. Learn how cancer victims can matintain comfortable and dignified life styles while going through the stages of the illness by discarding all fears and staying present in each moment. Explore the healing powers of fearless faith and not religiosity.


About the author:

Chidi Asika Enahoro is a Rehabilitation Consultant and a certified Master Life Coach. She has an extensive counseling background in mental health for more than 25 years. Chidi is a spiritualist who has a deep understanding of human nature and believes in oneness. She is an avid reader and a prolific writer who has published 5 acclaimed books; (A Slice of Africa; Innocence Interrupted; Till Cheating Do Us Part; Hear Me Out and Lifeline); all available on www.amazon.com; www.innocenceinterrrupted.com; www. loveandbalance.com and www.lifelinemiracle.com. The Cancer Game is the reflections on Chidi’s trials and tribulations while surviving cancer 3 times.

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