The Called: The Office of a Prophet: My Prophetic Journey

By Prophetess Jacqueline Boynes


When we think of a Monarch butterfly, the first thing that comes to mind is the beauty of its brilliant colors. So easily forgotten is the process the Monarch endured to achieve its regal beauty. The butterfly goes through four stages of development which is referred to as metamorphosis. We can prophetically compare each of the unique stages to the making of the prophet of God. As the prophet goes through various stages in life, he or she eventually comes out demonstrating the supernatural, and speaking prophetically with signs, wonders, revelation, and humility. Following the accolades of others, the prophet of God struggles to maintain his or her own sanity while going through the death process behind closed doors for purpose.

Follow the journey of prophetess Jacqueline Boynes as she takes you into the prophet’s life.

Prophetess Jacqueline Boynes has traveled International unlocking the prophetic ministries in people’s lives, by tapping into uncharted waters under the prophetic anointing. She has the gift of structure and sees the gifts in others. She is a motivational speaker, mentor and entrepreneur. She is a board certified Chaplain and also the founder of Sha’ma Leadership Prophetic Institute.

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