The Bully and the Leprechaun by Richard J. Ward
The Bully and the Leprechaun by Richard J. WardThe Bully and the Leprechaun

The Bully and the Leprechaun

By Richard J. Ward


Do you believe in fairies? Do they merely belong in tales and fables of old, known by many to enamor children and bring tantalizing magic?

Jade and Gilbert engage in an argument on whether fairies are real or not. But everything is going to change when Jade is cast into a dark magical place where something malevolent lives—a nasty bully and magical mischief maker, challenging her wits and her patience.

But the question is, will her story be enough to prove that magic exists in their town? Will Gilbert believe her incredible adventure? Find out here!

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Gilbert and Jade live in a small village close to the seaside, surrounded by rolling green hills. Jade lives on a farm with her parents whilst Gilbert, the mayor's son, spends most of his time experimenting in his home's basement. Dingley Dell is a nice quiet place where not much happens, except when these two friends get together… Here, the pair has a heated argument over the existence of fairies. After meeting a strange but lovable little man, Jade is cast into a dark magical place where she confronts a particularly nasty bully. But will Gilbert believe her incredible story?


  • “Children’s book? Look no further and buy Richard Ward’s books. He has a way of telling adventure stories that children would really enjoy. My kids loved his books and so did I. Great job, Mr. Ward.”

    Lucy Carter

  • “I was looking for a birthday present for my little sister and thought this book’s the right one for her. And I was right, she loved it since the first day she’s read it. And it made me Sister of the Year. Thank you, Richard Ward for such a great children’s book.”

    Kimberly Campbell

About the Author

Richard Ward was born in a small Yorkshire town where he spent his first 40 years. Finding inspiration from rides out in the country, he wrote far-flung stories and painted pictures. He bought a house in Bulgaria, grew fruit and vegetables in the garden, and thrived in a gorgeous landscape and on the warmth and friendliness of the local people. He now lives in Colorado where the mountains still fill him with awe, and the almost constant sunshine continues to lift his spirit.