The Attorney

By Joe Timberlake


Jay Barnett returns to the mountain home of his youth, seeking reconciliation with his father, Jay Sr. The old attorney is reluctant to see his newly sober, divorced and bankrupted namesake, but the two meet, and the talk that goes into the night turns into an emotional reconciliation. With a storm front moving in and snow and ice threatening, Jay stays over. The story takes an uncanny and dark twist when Jay wakes up to the startling revelation that his father has disappeared and is nowhere to be found. Panicked at the thought that his eighty-eight-year-old father has somehow vanished during blizzard conditions, Jay calls 911, and turns to Robin, the father’s legal assistant. The two set out on an emotional, sometimes terrifying journey that pits them against law enforcement authorities, a state senator, a mega trucking conglomerate…and ultimately Jay’s old nemesis… Jeffrey Davis, a deadly foe, who mysteriously turns out to be the mastermind behind the entire conspiracy. A landmark legal decision against the trucking industry, which could mean serious implications for the state’s struggling economy, coupled with a web of deceit involving kidnapping, homicide, and racketeering on a grand scale circles back to the state’s oldest practicing attorney who is at the very heart of the mystery, and the two unlikely heroes that set out against incredible odds to find a missing father…and ultimately much more.

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