The Anti-Aging Triad

By Stephen Holt MD. DSc


This book is a valuable contribution to the modern movement of anti-aging medicine.

-Robert Goldman MD, PhD, Chairman and Founder, A4M and World Society of Anti-aging Medicine

This book is from a world-leading scholar and pioneer of Integrative Medicine. It is ground breaking in the disciplines of longevity medicine.

-Ester Mark MD, Anti-aging Specialist, Laguna Beach, California

Dr. Stephen Holt presents a very grounded and practical approach to the latest technologies in anti-aging medicine and the promise they hold for the future. There is no “smoking gun” or simple answer in anti-aging methodology, but there is a universe of possibilities and Dr. Holt presents them one by one and the roles they play in ongoing research. I strongly recommend this book.

-Joseph Sugarmann, President, Stem Cell Products LLC, California

This book is a synopsis of telomere, dietary restriction and stem cell sciences that crosses many boundaries of lateral medical thinking. A masterpiece of rhetoric that stimulates much thought and debate.

-Thomas V. Taylor MD, FRCS, Professor, Baylor College of Medicine and the University of Texas, Houston Texas

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