Tablets of Immortality

By Rhiannon Mellen & A. Bradbury


“Myron Selkirk finds a cave crystal that teaches him magic, but his friends find a nest of vampires who try to destroy them. Myron saves only one and takes Andy Hand to Los Angeles. They fall into a plot to recover stolen Egyptian artifacts and reunite them in ceremony. On the way they will fight vampires, werewolves, and entities from the void between the galaxies, rescue damsels in distress and get involved in many plots. Will Myron be able to bring Andy and Steve back from the dead? Exciting urban fantasy adventure awaits!”

About the author:

A. Bradbury is a fat old man with thinning hair and a love of exciting tales of might-be. He works as a railroad signalman, is married with five children and six (living) grandchildren. His hobbies include music (he plays guitar, organ & piano), role-playing games, chess and writing award-winning poetry. He has the obligatory housecat, although it isn’t the obligatory enormous.

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