Sympathetic Testimonials

By Frank Annunziata


This book is a compilation of true life experiences of mine with exception of Salt in the Wound and Wolf fight. They tell of how life’s experiences will and can affect one’s mental and physical stability and the necessity of others to help a person who may have similar experiences. Even though they survey sadness they ultimately portray one’s approach to reality after the experience. They also can be taken as warnings on what to steer clear of.

About the author:

I am a retiree from hospital work for 4-5 years and also from being an Assistance Drug Counselor for 4 years part time. I reside in the City of New York and have resided here for 18 years. My educational background is one of college experience where I studied Psychology. Although I studied Psychology, I was unable to find work immediately when finished back in 1976. I am 64 years old and have been homeless, imprisoned and have experienced death of family members. This book therefore is based on some of those experiences of sadness.

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