Strangers Under Amazon’s Canopy

By Mary A. Lonergan


This is a true grit story of survival in the wild South America Amazon jungles. Kathryn on her first trip to South America is the only survival of a plane crash. She survives Malaria and was kidnapped by two separate drug Lords. Tired, fed up and she wants to return to her native home land, Canada but, not till she meets Wyatt who is out to help the people save their rain forest from being torn apart by greedy scientist. 'Welcome to the playgrounds of the Gods,' he told Kathryn who wants nothing to do with him or does she? Will she survive the Amazon or not?

About the author:

Mary A. Lonergan, a retired Asthetician and hearing impaired. She is a member of the Canadian Hearing Society and lives in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada along with her husband Mike and their little dog which she has personally trained for a hearing ear dog.
Mary’s love for writing started after their children all left the nest to begin their own adventures. She has previously dabbled with writing Song lyrics which she won awards and she has written and published many poems to her credits. Still something was missing in her life…. Her love for writing stories where she would let her vivid imagination loose and run wild.
I wanted my readers to feel the experience and try to guess the next step in the world of suspense and adventure and be able to put down the book and look forwards to my next book.

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