Shimmers of Truth

By Regina O. Climacosa


When Grei decided to take on the human experience, she entered difficult times, as expected. However, she wanted to learn more and experience more. Having grown weary of her life as a cat, she visited the Tree of Choices and gained entrance into the world of humans. When she endured a myriad of negative life experiences in a short period of time, she wearily stopped at a coffee shop to be alone and reflect upon the experiences. She then received “shimmers of truth” (wisdom) in abundance.

This novel is about spiritual growth as Grei finds out what it is like to acquire wisdom during adversity by seeking the scriptures for the insight. This story takes the reader on a journey of how Grei entered other dimensions of being by thinking abstractly about her various experiences and opening her heart and mind to receive spiritual messages. An explanation of chosen scriptures, and how she carefully and mindfully linked the scriptures to each experience to become enlightened, will be observed. What she learned, though frightening due to the reality of things being magnified, was also eye-opening but necessary for the preservation of her soul. So, this novel is also for anyone who is fascinated with wisdom and knows its importance.

What Grei ultimately noticed was that life is a giant deception, without keen spiritual discernment and a mindful and vigilant heart and mind. We are amongst a great spiritual battle between the forces of good and evil. Seeing it as such, keeping one’s attention on the Spirit, and deepening the connection with the Spirit, are essential to the ongoing process of salvation. What Grei finally decides to do will not only shock you but urge you to be the warriors you were meant to be in this spiritual battle. Let us fight on to the end.

About the Author:

Regina O. Climacosa is a 40-year old Master’s level student in counseling, certified alcohol and drug counselor in the state of New Jersey, sister, aunt, daughter, musician and caretaker of her multiple adopted and rescued cats at her newly bought home in New Jersey. She is a 2000 graduate of Monmouth University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and is almost at the completion of her studies in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at the Master’s level with Walden University. She has been a counselor for over 17 years. Her independent studies of the scriptures and related material enabled a new understanding to develop about why we are here, and how we can live in peace amongst the darkness of ignorance and evil. She wanted to share her tremendous insights, and this is how this novel was born.

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