Screen Test: The All Movie Game Activities and Puzzle Book

By John Louis Russell


Do you enjoy movies?

Have a lot of stored up movie knowledge with nowhere to use it? Well SCREEN TEST gives you the opportunity to put all that movie knowledge to the test with a great assortment of trivia, puzzles and much more. SCREEN TEST is the 100% all movie game and puzzle book you can enjoy alone or to play as a game with friends and family get togethers. So go ahead and put your movie knowledge to the test …. THE SCREEN TEST!

John Louis Russell was born in Mount Vernon New York. He moved to Las Vegas with his family in 1980. He then started a career in the casino business but then started in the entertainment business as a stage hand, then an assistant technical director. He also did extra work for TV and movies. He designed and invented several movie board games and then wrote this 100% movie game and puzzle book that was basically a collection of all his movie games in one book for movie lovers like himself to enjoy. He also loves golf and actually holds a patent on a golf swing training tool he invented.

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