Schwartz of New York

By Robert Spevakow


I have always asked myself the question, “Is there a GOD or SOURCE in our Universe who loves and protects us humans on the planet earth. The construction of our bodies must have been a very complicated process. This DNA builder is probably beyond our thoughts and imagination. This process would also apply to the thousands of animals, birds and insects who live with us on this planet.

This God force must love us as he went to a lot of work to create us. If this is true, the question persists, “what is Evil and why do bad experiences happen to innocent people?” I am trying to answer part of that in this book.

This GOD or SOURCE has sent us many Avatars over the past 2500 years with special powers. We were supposed to be impressed by these powers and follow the spiritual Avitars blindly. These Saviours each attracted their own followers. Unfortunately the Christians, Jews and Muslim religions became very strong and did not respect any other religions. There have been dozens of religious wars over the past two thousand years. There are so many sects of Christians and they have always fought each other. These wars accomplished nothing. No love, no spiritualism and millions of deaths. Today in 2017 people are killed every day in the name of God and religion.

The good news is that for the last 20 years most of our newborn children appear to have a DNA that is more advanced than their parents. They are eating healthier food, most do not eat meat. They want to protect the environment and love their neighbours. Yes, the vibrations on mother Earth are getting stronger and more spiritual. Religion does not seem as important to our new generation as it was to their parents.

I hope that Jesus Christian Schwartz will show us one way to create a healthy Mother Earth. This planet should be filled with healthy humans who love themselves and their neighbours.

Author Bio

ROBERT L. SPEVAKOW began his spiritual adventure at the age of 8 in a library in Edmonton Alberta. He was walking around the stacks and found a book entitled “ The Lost Continent of Atlantis”. His young inner voice said “read this book”. That was the beginning of his search to find out what is our life really about. In the past 77 years he has studied countless spiritual books. In this spiritual adventure, Bob has come up with many answers and a lot of new questions. He believes that we all have a small particle of God in our spirit and this spirit never dies. Bob has had 100’s of spiritual adventures. He believes in reincarnation, healing miracles, ESP experiences, UFO’s etc. Bob feels connected to the GOD force. He feels fortunate to be very healthy and has the energy of a sixty year old.

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