Satan Christianity’s Other God: Legend, Myth, Lore, or Lie

By James R. Brayshaw


This iconoclastic work brings a revolutionary perspective on the concept of Satan. Going deeper than simply showing that Satan is a construction of religious culture; Satan Christianity’s Other God explores how the belief in a supernatural Satan, is equal to believing in more than one God. Many of us who have been raised in religion are surprised to learn that the God of the Scripture tells us there is no such thing as a supernatural Satan.

In Volume one of the 4 volume Imagine No Satan Series, James R. Brayshaw, author and researcher from Western Canada, takes the reader on a journey through the Scriptures and history. Sharing what he has learned since opting out of the institutional religion he was raised in, liberating insights are offered. Brayshaw’s work has cracked open the prison of traditional belief in Satan to free the reader to see how the Satan of Christianity was not created by God. Together we discover that Satan never existed in the theology of the people of God until they spent time among cultures steeped in mythology… So why should he exist in our theology today?

Piece by piece the Scriptures are explained to show how the well-known passages about Satan, have been tragically misapplied by those who have a preconceived belief in a cosmic Satan. In this timely tome the Satan we used to know is handily dismantled. Readers are shown how the belief in a cosmic Satan has been thrust onto bible passages that have nothing to say about such an entity.

As man struggles to understand the Creator, becoming free of a belief in Satan takes us a long way towards understanding the God of Scripture.

If you are undaunted by hard questions about your beliefs, then start today with this volume. Join the thousands who have found a refreshed outlook on who God is by learning why Satan is not like what they have been told.

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