PROSTITUTES IN THE PEWS: The Pastors Are Not the Only Guilty Party

By Pastor Jonathan Stephens Jr.


The Pastors Are Not the Only Guilty Party

Actual Interviews with Pastors That Have Yielded To Temptation and the Ones Who Lead Them There.

Pastor Jonathan Stephens Jr. is pastor of Fountain of Life Redeem House of God Church in Association with Church of God in Christ Inc.

He has pastored for 25 years. He is a third generation pastor beginning with his grandfather Curtis Killingsworth and his mother Pastor Arnell Stephens Grice and father Bishop Jonathan Stephens Sr. both being Pastors.

Pastor Stephens received his Law Enforcement Degree from Syracuse University. He received his BA in Theology from International Seminary in Plymouth Florida. He received his Master Degree of Religious Education and is currently enrolled in a Doctorate Degree Program.

He is the administrator of the International Satellite School at Fountain of Life in Syracuse, New York. Pastor Stephens has mastered teaching leadership skills fitted for all denominations. One of the classes he teaches is at Robert Weslin College in Rochester, New York through the Church of God in Christ. Pastor Stephens is available for revivals, seminars and leadership program seminars.

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