Prince George
Prince George

Prince George

By Mariam Devine Melkonian


Prince George was the only son of a King. He had a loving Queen mother and a caring King father and a beautiful girlfriend named Anahit. Their castle was surrounded by mountains and forest. George was a broad shouldered and handsome young man. He loved mother nature and the animal world. He grew up playing with wild animals, deer, tigers and fox cubs.

He and his best friends Avo and Arthur are close friends. They graduated together in High School. They were supposed to go after their future. But after the graduation party they decided to try danger to be grown men.

In George’s garden they created two pools to his liking. One for him and the neighboring pool was for his fish. There were the most incredible fish from around the world in all colors. One day Prince George realized that two new fish had appeared in the Pool. Their bodies were golden. Their fins were silver. They seemed like little swimming angels. They swam away from the other fish and approached the edge of the water. They looked at George quietly for a few minutes and swam away. George was so taken with their beauty that he started to laugh out loud and then from the way they looked at him, it made him more serious. They said to him, “Be careful George stay away from trouble.”


Mariam Devine Melkonian was born in Yerevan, Armenia. Inspired by Armenian and Soviet poets, she started writing poetry at the age of eight and has written a collection of fifty poems. She came to the United States in 1995. She studied computer programming before getting certified as a Dental Assistant. Her grandson inspired her to begin writing stories. The Clock is her first published work. It is translated by her granddaughter, Mariam, who studies pre-med at Boston University. A mother of three children and seven grandchildren. Mariam lives in the suburbs of Boston with her husband.

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