Poetry of a Clear Vision: A Collection of Poetry and Musings

By Harry D. Buchler IV


The construction of this book is based on thoughts, statements, poems, passing through my mind since 1968. The journal found a beginning as I was steaming across the Pacific Ocean, in route to Vietnam via the USA Delta A-R-9 Auxiliary Repair Ship Pacific Fleet. Hence, this book was brought forth from its beginning in the galley, 2000 miles out to sea, in the bowels of the vessel. May my writings leave its mark on your mind and inspire a curious amusement that you may enjoy while passing through my clear visions.

About the author:

The Author, Harry D. Buchler IV, put together this project since he was in the U. S Navy in 1968. to 2016. He passed away in 2016 and Howard Bowes published the book for him.

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