Picture Poems Volume 1

By Thomas G. Reischel


Synergy of Image and Verse.

A photograph is worth a thousand words. Poetry paints word pictures using poetic imagery. On their own, they each are exquisite. Combined they become something else – a powerful composition that blends the best of both.

That is what happens in this book. The author is inspired by the image, and from it, poetry flows to dance and enhance the whole upon the page. Images from the eye of a photographer that translate to the mind of the poet. The wonder here is that both are the same. The photographer is the poet.

Here is an excerpt from poem #1, Chipmunk, which goes with the picture on the cover.

Those chubby cheeks that hold the seed,
A fuzzy face soon raids the stash.
He pilfers grain the birdies need,
This little guy’s manners, so brash.

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