Party of Three at the Palace of Blue

By Mary Lee Gutwein


Hi Girls I’m Home!

Three sisters are playing Palace and having fun one nice summer afternoon.
They are excited about Lucy the King’s announcement of a Royal Party scheduled
for 3 p.m. When the clock chimes three and there is no Party, the girls have a surprise lesson in manners and about forgiveness. The Party does happen. It is great when Dad arrives home just in time to join them. Then Dad and Mom tell the girls about the biggest surprise ever. It is the one that the whole wide world will see at the same time!

Promises Made and Promises Kept

Jesus made lots of promises and they are coming true.

We can keep our good promises, too.

About the Author:

Mary Lee Gutwein is the author and illustrator of a new Series of Christian Juvenile Fiction books. The Cherry Tree Stories feature a neighborhood of kids, family and friends. Starting with a fun story to arrive at an understanding about the Bible, is a sweet journey for a child. Mary Lee and her handsome husband live in Florida.

www.maryleegutwein.com www.thecherrytreestories.com

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