Oh How I Love Him

By Belinda McClinton


Oh How I Love Him is an intimate account of Bernadette Smith’s journey through a life saturated with deceit, suffering, hardship, and triumphs. In every turn of the pages and every word you read, you will see strength, wisdom, and courage throughout her words. Bernadette’s experiences emerged as cornerstones and building blocks for her transformation as they became the focal point of her existence in serving God. As you read, may the same strength, wisdom, and courage resonate within you so that you can walk away discovering that your possibilities are infinite as Bernadette did with hers.

About the author:

Belinda McClinton is the proud mother of three children; Anthony, Jamal, and Nicole. She is also the grandmother of six grandchildren; Anisha, Phoenyx, Paige Jean, Nadir, AJ, and Xari.

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