Nextscienceman2100: Undiscovered Sciences

By Harminder Gill


Undiscovered sciences are definitive fields of enormous fascination and hailed as a magnificent and preeminent science-fiction masterpiece. Further sophisticated technological advances and far beneath the surface, there are mysterious world’s of searing heat, intense pressure, and complete darkness. The extreme environments of the seven deadly seas still exist on planet Earth. Nextscienceman2100 continues his quest to unlock the next science fields with the help of the Interstellular Galactic Team despite their troubles dealing with the pernicious Undivided Sinister Alliance on Urrth. Applied sciences mixed with science-fiction, fantasy, romance, and horror take place in the skies and seas where volcanic incandescent springs and hydrothermal vents exist and where superheated water flows from Earth’s crust into an adverse environment where very few have survived. Nextscienceman2100 discovers there is an eerie oasis of life, home to exotic creatures, aberrant plant life, and antagonistic female warriors each with different foreign dialects where he has to defeat. Information brought back to the galactic team can help them fight the ghastly and sanguine World War III taking place in space against insect creatures, activate Alpha Zeta, and reveal the next resplendent undiscovered scientific fields to solve Earth’s most challenging problems.

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