Ms. Lavender Periwinkle and the Bully

By Michelle Allen


Ms. Periwinkle is a daycare owner who teaches core values to her participants. She spins a story with significant moral lessons. When she encounters a bully at her daycare she leaps at the chance to show the bully the error of their ways. Bullying is a dilemma that consumes our schools and society. If the subject is addressed at a young age we can eradicate it from our world. Children learn by example and Ms. Periwinkle discusses subjects that tackle these issues in her books. Read “Ms. Lavender Periwinkle and the Bully” and see how she approaches the topic.

About the Author:
Michelle Allen hails from Los Angeles but has resided in Seattle for over forty years. Professionally, Michelle was a Head Start teacher, a Recreational Leader and owned and operated her own daycare. Michelle loves animals, especially dogs and horses. She is an avid reader and loves photography.

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