By Reginald Lane


The story Molly is about a little black girl named Molly who goes through trials and tribulations of pain and suffering and has to watch her parents brutally beaten and her dad is fatally wounded by a gang member from a past mistake which is ultimately drug related and results in his violent death at the hands of mobsters and the KKK’s.

Molly grows up learning the truth about her mother being nearly fatally beaten at the hands of the gang members and KKK’s she is just an innocent bystander who just happens to be a target of the horrible crime.

Molly ends up going through racism brutality verbal assault and sexually assault by the hands of Caucasian men and by the KKK members she ends up getting help by a mysterious man whom he saves her by defending her and fighting off the men.

He later takes her to his hide out and then later tells his wife of her troubled life by what Molly had told him previously.

The old man is named Ronald Stinger and the older lady is named Debra Stinger.

Molly ends up meeting two white girls named Summer and r Rain who become her friends and help her gain independence and control of her life she later learns that the people responsible for her father’s death were the KKK’s and the mobsters and to Molly’s surprise the leader of the clan was the two girl’s father whom Molly became friends with and the helped her face all her struggles in life. Summer and
Rain’s father is against Molly being friends with his girls.

But after he later goes through suffering of his own with his two girls Rain and Summer being hurt by a gunshot by him unknowingly he has a change of heart and tries to make amends with his demons and he asks for forgiveness from Molly in an apology letter which Molly discovers after his sudden death.

Molly reunites with her mother who is thought to be dead and she tells Molly of her reason of being gone for so long in a concentration camp hideout by the KKK’s in attempt to kill her she tells Molly of how she escapes and makes it out alive to reunite with her daughter once again.

The story is about overcoming your challenges and making yourself a better person through the negative situations and make it a positive.

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