By Robert Thomas Fertig


During World War II, this “Child of Miracles” gives hope to thousands of Marines during some of the deadliest battles in the Pacific.

The story opens with fierce battles raging between the Japanese and Marines for control of Henderson airfield on Guadalcanal. During these battles, natives on the island find a wounded child of six in the jungle. Padre’s prayer vigil brings her back from near-death. He coincidentally names her “Patsy Li.”

The saga then takes us back to early 1942, where a child is fleeing from Singapore with her mother aboard a crowded evacuation ship. Suddenly the ship sinks. Separated and set adrift in treacherous waters, mother and child survive. The mother never gives up the search for her child.

Many years later, a reunification meeting of Patsy at the orphanage with her possible mother. When all seems lost, unexpected evidence appears that suggests that Patsy might indeed be her long lost child.

They both become U.S. citizens with the help of Padre’s official contacts. Patsy Li ultimately overcomes her traumatic experiences, until a later DNA test changes everything—or does it?

Captain Rev. Frederic P. Gehring was the First Naval Chaplain to receive the Legion of Merit Medal from the President of United States, and the Presidential Unit Citation, for his heroic work on Guadalcanal.

About the Author:

After receiving an honorable discharge from the USAF, in the mid-1950s, Robert Thomas Fertig worked at the Columbia University Physics Lab, setting up experiments for graduate-level students. Soon thereafter, he became an Information Technology travelling instructor for General Electric.

He later joined Sperry Univac, as Competitive Analyst, where he created the popular Corporate Newsletter, “Industry Measures.” Fertig then moved to Advanced Computer Techniques, as Vice President of the Technology Analysis Group. Subsequently, he founded Enterprise Information Systems, as President.

Robert T. Fertig is the author and/or co-author of ten books. His more recent works include Guardianship Reality, Consequences, Culture Battles, Middle East Quicksand (a novel and possible future TV series), and Best Interests of the Children. Mr. Fertig also spent a total of ten years as Guardian ad Litem volunteer and Eldercare.

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