Meredith Discovers Her Destiny

By Mary Lee Gutwein


Promises Made & Promises Kept

Meredith, in a lazy mood, was in for a surprise that morning on the beach. A real live paintbrush had washed up on shore, asking for a lift. Yes, this little paintbrush was a chatterbox, actually, he was on a mission. Those two had a day of adventure as Meredith Discovers Her Destiny, that is, a passion and talent for her future. God cares for us by giving certain qualities that will make life fun. Watch out for gentle encouraging nudges that come to us now and again, in unexpected ways.

About The Author

Mary Lee Gutwein is an Author & Illustrator, and Artist. Her natural and whimsical style of Character in Caricature Storytelling lets humor and a good message from the Bible shine through. A self-taught and joyful Christian, home and heart are in Indiana and Naples, Florida, with her handsome husband. “Grandkids are just the best resources!”

www.maryleegutwein.com and www.thecherrytreestories.com

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