Thirty-Nine Days by Michael Richard Stosic

Master Getting Things Done the David Allen Way with Evernote: Your 7-Day GTD Immediate Action Plan

By Dominic Wolff


Want to organize your personal and professional life?

The perfect guide to become more efficient in your daily routine is here. Just read these tips and tricks so you can get things done faster and easier than before.

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Looking for the ultimate method to optimize your daily activities and organize your work, home, and personal routine? Want to know how to actually get things done faster and remember things on the fly?

Evernote is the mother of all note taking apps. It’s super easy to use and is chock-full of features that will help you:

  1. Remember everything, from to-do lists to website content to classroom lectures;
  2. Access reminders, notes, recipes, pictures, emails, and tidbits of information from your Smartphone, tablet, laptop, and desktop computer;
  3. Digitally takes notes and organize them just like how you would capture, save, and file objects and information in real life.


  • “Good brief overview of the GTD method of organisation and then how to use Evernote to achieve it. It is brief as it should be and I can't wait to start using the methods described tomorrow.”

    Duncan Walling

  • “Great book. Many practical ideas to apply to be productive right now and beat procrastination. It's worth reading and taking action.”

    Alejandro Luna

  • “Really enjoyed the book with some simple examples on how to get things done the Evernote way. Love the layout and simple examples.”

    Amir Hannan

About the Author

Dominic Wolff is an author, business owner and traveler (or as he likes to call it, a globe trotter). A native from Idaho, Dominic became interested in the mechanics of business from a very young age. From those early days of selling candy bars to running a multi-state company today, Dominic has always been on the lookout for systems that would improve his productivity and allow him more free time to enjoy his hobbies. He frequently writes articles about personal productivity for business publications. He believes that having a structure in place for work and life can mean the difference between being in control and merely coping.