Making Monsters: First Man Adam

By David Franklin Tibbets


When Adam Street arrives in the small desert town of Burgundy on his Harley, he likes it and decides to stay. It seems as good a place as any to try to escape his past. Adam is the result of a secret government-run genetic experiment. He was born to the world with some rare qualities; among them supernatural strength and speed, including heightened natural senses. When he was old enough to understand that his purpose in life was to take lives, he wanted no part of it and escaped the scientific c facility (The Campus) that held him. As Adam establishes himself in Burgundy, he begins to build a new life, with new purpose, and good friends. But his creators want him back and will stop at nothing to regain their investment, sending an elite team of agents to retrieve him. The townspeople have other ideas and are willing to fight to see that he remains at liberty. In this novel, a genetically engineered being with exceptional powers wants to live a normal life. He settles in a small town of good people in hopes of building a new life – until his creators track him down.

About the Author
David Franklin Tibbetts went to Brigham Young University and Utah Valley Community College (now Utah Valley University). He graduated with an Associate’s Degree in Theatre Studies from UVCC. He went on to the University of Utah, where he earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree in the performing arts (Theatre Studies). He is the author of many unpublished short stories and screen plays and has begun several novels, and sequels to Making Monsters, which he hopes to have published soon. David lives with his beautiful wife, Sue, in the small town of Tremonton, Utah, where they spend most of their summer in the saddle of a Harley-Davidson.

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