MacGonegal’s Zoo: Animalitos from A to Z

By Susan Striker


About the Book
Oaxacan woodcarvings collected by Susan Striker illustrate an alphabet of “animalitos” from A for Armadillo to Z for Zebra. These gaily colored, wildly imaginative and fanciful carvings from southern Mexico delight children as well as adults! author makes the original carvings available to museums and bookstores for exhibit.

About the Author
Susan Striker is the author of the best-selling Anti-Colorin Book® series with over one million books in print all over the world. Designed to stimulate creativity and encourage problem solving and critical thinking, the books help children draw their own pictures as well as their own conclusions about life. She also wrote Please Touch® (Simon & Schuster) which teaches parents and educators how to stimulate creativity through movement, music, art and play. Youn at Art® (Henry Holt) is a comprehensive text about the value and significance of early childhood art. That book clearly demonstrates the important link between early scribbles and later literacy. Named Outstanding Elementary Art Educator by_ the Connecticut Art Education Association tn 2008, Sue was recognized for significant contributions to the field of art education. The author taught elementary school art in Greenwich, Connecticut, where she was designated Distinguished Teacher. She has had a long, successful career teaching art to young children, has taught art education methodology to university students and developed art curricula. Susan’s Young at Art® curriculum for preschool and kindergarten was awarded Connectictut’s Celebration of Excellence for Creativity in the Classroom. She shares her innovative teaching ideas in workshops for parents and teachers in schools and universities all over the country.

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