Lysol Baby in the Land of Crickets: A Historical Satire

By Tom Roberts Sr.


The Land of Crickets is a historical satire about a boy named Tommy that was born in 1932, on an Indian farm in Oklahoma. This story is told by his supernatural self which is a Lysol Baby that woke up in “The Land of Lysol” at the time of his birth in 1932. The author attempts to show how the standards of human behavior changed during his lifetime. He describes a land where God’s children are taught to love rather than hate following what he calls the “The Great Explosion” or the apocalypse.

About the author:

The author is a retired psychologist that was born in Oklahoma and has lived in Texas for 52 years. He spent thirteen years teaching in the public schools and higher education. Following his teaching he served thirty-five years as a psychologist at the Veterans Hospital in Waco Texas.

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