Living on the Edge Beside God

By John Hitchcock


“The autobiography of John Hitchcock is a true life story that will make you laugh and it will make you cry. All readers will find comfort in the acceptance and easiness to relate to his stories. The stories of adventure, danger, deliverance, and the unseen hand of God in John’s life will keep you engaged. John stutters, yet every time he prays, preaches or sings he is totally fluent. He is an example that miracles do happen. The pages will become addictive and it will be almost impossible to put the book down. You will read stories about the wildlife in Africa that almost killed him to the eerie acquaintances with spirits and ghosts that are sure to make the hair on your neck stand up. Readers will cry as they turn each page as they become John’s friend and feel his pain as they discover his heartaches and setbacks, but will smile as they learn that all things happen for a reason. Read the story of a classic romance that will give others hope in the low times of their lives. There is a story for everyone, from young to aged, I dare you to enter John’s world and quickly become a friend of his literature.”

Charlene Hitchcock, daughter.

www.johnhitchcockministries.blogspot.com [email protected].

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