Living a Second Chance
Living a Second Chance

Living a Second Chance

By Fredrick Sipe


A Story of Survival

Fred grew up in the city with not a lot of money. As a young man he survived a terrible accident, only to find himself paralyzed from the neck down and his fiancĂ©e dead. But with two children to think of, he couldn’t give in to despair.
Waking from a months-long coma, he endured many surgeries and much physical therapy, went into a nursing home, and learned everyday living all over again. Breathing, talking, eating, drinking, and sitting up in a chair. Through all the hard work, pain, and humiliation, he fought for a second chance at life. It was all worth it to be with his family.

Fredrick Sipe was born in Charlottesville, Virginia in 1976. He is a quadriplegic and lives at home with his mother and two kids. His family overcame a lot of tragedies in their lives. So Fredrick decided to write about his accident, and other things that happened throughout his life.

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